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Birdhouse Gourd Seeds

Birdhouse Gourd Seeds

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My favorite seed to grow, the birdhouse gourd, is an easy and rewarding vine that will look beautiful in any yard. Unlike the pumpkin, birdhouse gourd leaves and vines are velvety and more pest resistant than some of its relatives with thicker stems. Grow it on the ground or over trellis’ for that enchanting garden effect and enjoy the fun of having your very own collection of homegrown birdhouses. 

Each envelope is packaged by hand and contains roughly 25 seeds. Germination is not guaranteed, as with any seed. Please use within the year.

-Plant in late spring after the last frost date and when the soil temperature is at least 70°F.

-Plant in a sunny location with well-drained, fertile, and slightly acidic soil.

-Sow seeds ½–1 in deep, 3–4 ft apart, and cover with soil. Water immediately.

-Start indoors: Soak seeds overnight in water, then plant in large, compostable pots a few weeks before the last frost date. Thin seedlings to one plant per cell.

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